Ultra Premium Grade Synthetic Oils & Treatments


Armor Upfitters has sourced experts from all over the country to manufacture and distribute the most superior composite armor and  accessories available today. During development one material stood as a front runner when it came to versatility and durability... Graphene. 

Using new research in the advancement of 2D technologies and materials, we have been able to push the limits of traditional oils. Increasing performance, lifespan, uptime, and decreasing costs, maintenance, and downtime.


Armor Oil utilizes pure Graphene. As compared to milled down graphite, pure Graphene, is the single atomic layer of Graphite. With the most records, Graphene in its truest form holds the titles of: Strongest Material, Thinnest Material, Lightest Material, Highest Tensile, Most Impermeable, Highest Thermal Conductivity, Best Light Absorbent, and the Highest Lubricity (aka Superlubricity).​


Due to these features, when incorporated into an oil, such as Armor Oil, lower temperature operation and lower friction equals higher performance.

Made in Houston, TX U.S.A










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